I always considered myself a healthy eater, preferring bottled juice over soda pop and whole wheat bread instead of bleached, white bread, but the truth is I ate many over processed and additive-filled foods from cans, packages, and boxes labeled "healthier", "low fat", or "low calorie".  Despite my efforts, my diet resembled too closely the Standard American Diet, also known as the SAD diet.  Little did I know killing the nutrients almost killed me.  I'll never forget when the doctor told me I'd be on medication for the rest of my life, increasing the dosage because diseases are degenerative.

Long story made short, my personal discovery to wholeness and healing eventually led to my becoming a whole food and raw food chef.  I have to admit there’s no better feeling than kicking the ol’ bottle—pill bottle, that is!

With a passion for whipping up deliciousness, I enjoy creating whole and raw foods, whether eaten whole turned into gourmet cuisine.  Some of my favorite demos include easy raw food recipes, spending pennies on the dollar for the best probiotics through fermenting whole foods, and, of course, my raw pastry arts and healthy desserts!  It was out of a need to eat pure and unrefined ingredients for my health that Jenny’s Pure Food® desserts were born where I sold them locally.  About the same time I started in recipe development I started making videos and the rest is history!

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every two American adults suffer from either heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, or arthritis.  Health and wholeness are not all about food, but why the kale not give ourselves a fighting chance?  Get insider tips straight from my kitchen, including (1) whole & raw food recipes, (2) natural health tips, and (3) natural beauty hacks.  And remember, healthy - it's not all about carrot sticks, baby!  Join me and be deliciously healthy! JENNIFER MAC (founder of Jenny's Pure Food®).

Jenny's Story

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Jenny's Story

 It was out of a need to eat pure and unrefined ingredients for my health that Jenny’s Pure Food® Desserts were born.  I'm so thankful to share this deliciously healthy journey with you.                                                          - Jenny (a.k.a. The Jennifer Mac)

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Jenny (a.k.a. The Jennifer Mac) is the author of  “The Right Blend:  Blender-only Raw Food Recipes” and "Detox Delish:  Your Guide to Clean Eating".  Pioneering the raw food movement in China, Jennifer Mac got her start after studying raw food cuisine at Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California.  While living in China, she taught raw food classes, spoke at international schools, and worked food events from corporations to The British Council and The U.S. Embassy Beijing.  Jennifer Mac has appeared in numerous publications, such as GLOBAL TIMES and MARY JANES FARM, as well as television appearances on CCTV (China Central Television), Blue Ocean Network and International Shanghai Channel. Jennifer’s worked all over, including Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  She is a regular contributor to GLOBAL GOURMET magazine.  Visit www.TheJenniferMac.com