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Jenny's Pure Food®

Lemon Cream Custard

CONNECT WITH ME According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every two American adults suffer from either heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, or arthritis.  Health and wholeness are not all about food, but why the kale not give ourselves a fighting chance?  Get insider tips straight from my kitchen, including (1) whole & raw food recipes, (2) natural health tips, and (3) natural beauty hacks.  And remember, healthy - it's not all about carrot sticks, baby!  Join me and be deliciously healthy! JENNIFER MAC (founder of Jenny's Pure Food®).

Jenny's Pure Food®

Salted Karmel Cheezecake

Jenny's Pure Food® Desserts are made with love for those needing a little something extra.

​gluten free - dairy free - soy free - low sugar - and vegan too

Jenny's Pure Food®

Chocolate Mousse

 It was out of a need to eat pure and unrefined ingredients for my health that Jenny’s Pure Food® Desserts were born.  I'm so thankful to share this deliciously healthy journey with you.                                                          - Jenny (a.k.a. The Jennifer Mac)

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