The video featuring your product can be uploaded to your website, e-newsletter, and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Pretty much anywhere.  And we talk more about that over the phone and in the proposal.

Jenny's Pure Food® started out as a need for pure, unrefined ingredients for my health issues.  As a whole food & raw food chef, I continued the journey in recipe development, sharing my culinary creations through videos for family and friends.

Today, the Jenny's Pure Food® ALL-IN-ONE Video Service is a tool for your healthy food and/or lifestyle business.  Unlike posts on most social media platforms, which get buried after a few days, videos have the potential to get continuous views months, and even years, later.  They can also be posted in multiple locations and on the social media platforms you are currently using.

It's pretty simple, video has the potential to capture viewers' attention and there's people out there who need to know about your amazing, health-promoting products (that's our passion too!).

It's pretty straight forward - after all, our job is to save you time. First, contact us by filling out the fill-in form letting us know some details about yourself. We then chat to see if we are a good fit. The next step is we submit a proposal.

Where can you use a video?

How does it all work?

To inquire, fill out this form.  Looking forward to connecting!

Why Video for Your Business?

Why Our ALL-IN-ONE Service?

Whether you have outsourced video work in the past or are thinking about doing your own videos to promote your business, our Jenny's Pure Food® ALL-IN-ONE Video Service offers a simple, beginning-to-end process, without you doing all the work and piecing everything together yourself. 

Our service includes: (1) professional recipe development (or natural beauty or lifestyle tip); (2) camera operation; and (3) editing.  But first, we just need to see if we are a good fit!

We focus on healthy food and natural alternative products and/or services.  With a high regard for sustainable living, non genetically modified, and nutrient-rich and chemical-free products and ingredients that promote health, whether in our meals, beauty care, or home use.

Special niches include alternative, "free from" recipe development and creative DIY videos for using pure ingredients in both the home and kitchen.  From eco-friendly to organic to keto to gluten free to raw vegan, we can do it!

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